Turn key relocation solutions

DCTIS has designed bespoke removal equipment and systems that are specially tailored for the physical relocation and restoration of you IT infrastructure.  We have a range of services available enabling you to utilise us for transportation only or for the entire project. 

  • Specialised transportation vehicles

  • Custom anti-static flight cases

  • Min of $500k insurance per vehicle per trip

  • Engineers on staff

  • Ability to complete full cable audits

  • Ability to provide System engineering support

  • Ability to lock, tag and GPS track transport vehicles and cases

  • Cleaning of all removed equipment using HEPA 13 vacuum cleaners


In the event of a disaster or critical failure that may severely impact your mission critical facility, DCT provides the necessary expertise to ensure the continuity of your business.  Rapid recovery of your business is achieved through identifying the appropriate strategies and subsequent management approach.

  • Chair meeting with customer to establish extent and impact

  • Commission and conduct condition assessment reports

  • Prepare and deliver interim report with recommendations for the immediate actions to restore and maintain business continuity

  • Provide condition reports and recommendations for insurance

  • Manage restoration process with customer and service providers

DCT Infrastructure Services provides a variety of innovative and comprehensive IT solutions. We deliver quality services in the most efficient way, and our experts will work collaboratively with you to customize our offerings to your particular needs. Book a meeting with one of our consultants to hear more about how we can assist your operation.

New Equipment Deployment

Many of our partners choose to use DCTIS for the deployment of new kit due our working knowledge of their facility and the reduced cost of deployment, not to mention our insurance cover.

Any Re-location

Hosted to hosted, private to hosted or from one office location to another inter-state location.  DCTIS has relocated critical infrastructure across the road and across the country.

Any critical infrastructure

Whilst our primary re-location involves that of IT infrastructure, DCTIS has also relocated critical medical and printing infrastructure and prides itself on not having experienced a single failure to date.