Infrastructure - All the pieces

DCTIS has the privelage of undertaking a wide array of infrastructure projects that lead us from enterprise data centres to performing arts theatres, hospitals, robotics facilities and commercial office spaces encompassing thousands of square metres or works. 


The challenges faced on a daily basis are what drives DCTIS.  We embrace the challenge and thrive on our ability to deliver beyond expectation.  Be it the install and removal of 4000 TV's, 200 racks or a data centre hall of racks and containment in twelve weeks, DCTIS is your infrastructure partner. 


Delivering exceptional value through true client engagement and big picture understanding of facility requirements ensures DCTIS becomes your one stop critical infrastructure partner.


Containment and access floor install
Mission Critical Data Cente
Commonwealth Games
Rack delivery and deployment
Rack, level, bay and clean
Security Caging Install
Physical security cage installtion
Access Floor, Control Room
Commercial Office Tower install
MCR Access Floor
Access Floor and Containment Install
Containment Retrofit
Cold Air Containment Installation
Telco Training Facility
Flexibility of Access Floors
Re-locations & PM
Deployment and remove of 4000 TV's
Project Management
Logistics and Project Management
Infrastructure Deployment
Logistic and deployment services
Infrastructure Installations
Smart hands
Logistics & Deployment
Turn key solutions
Engineered Solutions
Overcoming challenges
Finished Product
Commonwealth Games
Secure, safe, insured
Ramp Construction & Install
Ramp Construction and Install
Commonwealth Games
Raised Floor Challenges
Communications Room
Access Floor Installation
Pit Retrofit
Performing Arts Theatre Bris
Acoustic Matting Under Floor
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