Thirty years of excellence in flooring

Access Floors

With over thirty years’ experience, DCTIS is a true leader of market in the supply and installation of raised access flooring.  Access flooring is an integral part to any data centre, critical facility or advanced breed of new office build and provides DCTIS the opportunity to engage early given flooring's natural place within the base building specification.  This early engagement has afforded DCTIS with the ability to work with architects, builders and end users on design, technical consulting or assist with project management enabling all to benefit from our responsible and positive early engagement. 

Access Floors provide asset owners the flexibility of running services under floor whilst making re-refurbishment easier and more cost effective throughout the building or facilities life cycle.  DCTIS provides architects, builders, building owners and lessors the opportunity to review requirements and maximise their return taking into account all aspects of the asset and it’s lifecycle. 

Complimenting our access floor installations is the supply and installation of the following:

  • Aluminium Air Grilles

  • Structural Air Grilles

  • Directional Air Grilles

  • Smart Air Grilles

  • Brush Grommets

  • Opposed Blade Dampers

  • Penetration and installation services

  • On-site service call

Leading with the best...


ASP Access Floors

  • ASP Access Floors are a leading global company in the access flooring industry, revolutionising access flooring systems and installation. ASP specialises in the manufacture, distribution and installation of access flooring solutions across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

  • With over 20 years experience, ASP has developed and patented multiple unique access floor designs which have been used in some of the most iconic projects around the world. Ongoing research and development allows ASP to produce innovative solutions that offer the market quality, versatility and infinite support.

  • "Imagine the possibility of a system which allowed you to make the moves, a system where space and location aren’t an issue, a system where the interruptions to you and your business are minimal. You don’t have to imagine anymore, let ASP show you the endless possibilities with their revolutionary floor technologies."

ASP has many international patents, patent pending and designs

  • S Series Under Structure System – The only under structure system to provide an inbuilt expansion joint into the pedestal design, as well as a specialised cushioning and sound absorption gasket.

  • AT System – A complete Air Tight access floor solution specifically designed to minimise and control the amount of air leakage. The system is complete with a propriety Air Tight Stringer and Air Highway/Baffle System.

  • An Access Floor Assembly And Components

  • Adjustable and Lockable Pedestal for an Access Floor Assembly

  • A Noise Attenuating and Vibration Dampering Pedestal for an Access Floor Assembly

  • Air Highway Stringer and Underfloor Air Ducting System

  • Power and Data Mounting Bracket for an Access Floor Assembly

  • An Earthing Connector for an Access Floor Panel

  • Head for an Access Floor Pedestal

  • An Access Floor Panel

Key Benefits

  • Ease of Reconfiguration – As mentioned previously the modular design of the access floor enables businesses to re-configure their offices.

  • Costs – The cost differentiation between the installation and maintenance of traditional suspended ceiling system Vs. ASP access floor system are exceptionally high. Overall access floors are approximately 40% cheaper to install and maintain the services.

  • Project Time Line – Installing the services in the floor in lieu of the suspended ceiling system dramatically cuts the time of installation, which in turn cuts the overall project construction time.

  • Maintenance – Services can be maintained regularly and without lengthy time delays as service men are able to isolate and service particular zones as required, which minimises the interruptions to your work place.

  • Comfort – With the HVAC system installed in the floor, employees are able to individually control the air pressure and temperature through their office floor diffusers.

An Impressive Portfolio of Clients

Success-Driven Partnerships

Organisations across a wide variety of industries have chosen DCTIS as their trusted partner based on the delivery during and outcome following our engagement. Our reputation is built around great experience, exceptional service, and personality in our delivery regardless of challenges faced and that ensures positive outcomes, always. 


References and a small selection of our valued customers provides insight to the confidence our valued customers have in DCTIS and the value they hold in our Success-Driven Partnerships.   

  • Buildcorp

  • Griffith University

  • Formula Interiors

  • Leaf Constructions

  • FDC

  • Woolham Constructions

  • Kane Constructions

  • TPG

  • Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

  • NBN

  • Polaris Data Centre

  • Origin Energy

  • NTT

  • Over the Wire

  • Pipe Networks

Client Testimonials

"DCT Infrastructure Services were particularly helpful in overcoming project challenges through open communication and honesty.  Their professionalism and willingness to complete on time was shown by their dedication to work overtime.  I would recommend DCTIS for your access flooring needs."

Mathew Cece, Project Manager, Woolham Constructions